Custom made furniture

Oak barrel furniture offers different personalised possibilities in a number of different ways:
The abundant meshiness and imprints left by the wine offer a range of possible shades to guide recycling operations.

The blending/mixing with other materials (metal, glass, new wood) and consequently the use of various technologies attached to different trades.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these different options to make your furniture a unique piece:

custom shapes
From a model of the shop, the idea of making on a piece of furniture measure came to you.

Do not hesitate to send me a plan, a sketch like the example below:

Table basse "Carré devin" modèle initial
Table sur mesure réalisée selon le plan

Starting from the initial model « bar stool rough wood finish », here are different possible variants to customize your choice of furniture. Tell me your idea!

bar stool “rough wood finish” with rough wooden seat

bar stool “rough wood finish” with leather seat

bar stool “rough wood finish” with stainless steel ring and new wood seat

Bar chair “Rough wood finish” stainless steel ring, seat with recycled wood, and plain/simple backrest

Bar chair “Rough wood finish” with rusted ring and seat made from recycled wood. Comfortable foot and back restsr

Custom-made finishes
Choice of seats

Between the appearance of the wood, and the choice of a foam pad covered seat with fabric or leather, the possibilities of customization of the seats are almost limitless.

Seat wine side up raw wood finish

recycled wood stave seat wine side up

Rough aspect of the stave – new wood

printed fabric seat broken glass appearance

Stained leather seat

Aged leather seat

The oak wood staves can be sanded or brushed, left in its natural appearance or tinted. You can also apply a colored lacquer.


Bois coloré gris

Bois coloré blanc

Pied poncé

Pied brossé

Pied brut


The wood must be protected by an oil, a water soluble varnish, matt or shiny satin aspect according to the chosen finish, the desired appearance and the use, indoors or outdoors.

The metal rings used for the stave furniture are specially made. They can be raw steel, stainless steel, rusted steel, burnished steel, or lacquered in the color of your choice.

Tôle bleue brute

Anneau inox brossé

Acier bruni

Anneau laqué noir

The engravings

A text or a drawing, provided by the customer, can be engraved with the gouge on part of the piece of furniture.

Insertion of a work of art

A painting, photos or stained glass can be inserted into the frame or the table. Lighting is also possible.