Bar counter “winebar” made from recycled oak barrel

Bar counter “winebar” made from recycled oak barrel


Available on backorder


The top consists of a wooden plate covered with zinc and varnish.

Dimensions :

Height 110 cm. Length 150 cm. width 50 cm.

Delivery and delay :

This model is only made to order and not in stock, the delay can vary from 1 to 3 months depending on my workload.
You will have to assembly yourself the spare parts of the counter folowing the attached notice.



The form of this bar counter is like a barrel turned inside out. Its present concave shape gives it elegance and easy access to the bar counter. Its height is ideally calculated in relation to the bar stools

Origin of wood :
Recycled split oak from different containers. The bar counter is made from Vat wood. The vertical slats and the horizontal parts of the bar are made from the wood staves from containers of different capacities.

Manufacturing :
The assembly of the vertical slats and high parts of the bar is done with tenons and mortises (one part slots into the other)
The top is cut into a fir tree panel and then calibrated to the desired shape. It is then covered with zinc foil.

Water-soluble matt varnish bi component. The areas of colour left by the wine in the wood vary in size and intensity from one copy to another.

Dressing and equipment  on the inside of the bar.
A stretched fabric on the inside of the bar makes it non transparent. There are a set of shelves on the inside of the bar. Other interior fittings are possible on request (doors, storage of glasses, insertion of a fridge, a sink) ... etc.