Bar stools made from recycled wood to assemble yourself

Bar stools made from recycled wood to assemble yourself

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This bar stool is composed of recycled staves with a more or less advanced finish depending on the variants.
For the seat, in the wine-coloured oak version, the wood comes from the recycling of the barrel lid and the merrain-quality new oak for the other variants.
Different variants are possible by choosing the options below that suit you.


Height 80 cm. Seat 35 cm in diameter.
Delivery and Lead Time:
This model is stored in spare parts. The delivery time is 10 days.


The base of this bar stool made of recycled wood, curved and flared on the floor, is specific to the "tastevin" range.

It It gives it both great stability and elegance for a supple and slender silhouette. Several heights allow to create sets with the different tables of the same range.

Origin of wood:
The wood (split oak or merrain) comes from recycled barrels of 225 litres. The staves (vertical barrel blades) are used for the legs of the bar stool. The lid of the barrel is used for the seat.

Recycling and manufacturing:
The vertical staves of the barrel, initially of uneven width, are calibrated and planed according to the shape. They are chamfered and pierced at the passage of the metal circles and tenoned at the high end. A recycled wooden disc is mortised to be assembled with the staves transformed into feet.
The barrel lid is used to make the seat of the bar stool. It is first taken apart. Each part is then planed and and straightened out The top is reformed by gluing the different elements after machining the componants?

Wood Finishing:
Once the barrel staves are recycled into feet, they are brushed. Once recycled, the lid, which has become the seat of the bar stool, is planed and then finely sanded.
The colour zones left by the wine in the wood vary in size and intensity from one specimen to another, depending on the origin of the wine and the woodwork. A water-soluble two-layer varnish is then applied.

Metal Rings:
These are specially manufactured
sheet metal parts that recall the circle of the barrel. They allow the legs of the bar stool to be assembled in the lower part. They are made of brushed stainless steel.

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Natural oak, Wine coloured oak


Browned steel, Stainless steel


Leather, Natural oak