Dining room chairs “tastevin” made from recycled oak

Dining room chairs “tastevin” made from recycled oak


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This “tasdevin” dining room chair is made entirely from recycled oak used from 225 litre barrels. The colour is the natural colour of the wood with slight traces of its previous use.


seat 45cm high and 38cm in diameter. Backrest 90cm high.

Delivery and lead time:

This model is stored in spare parts. It needs to be assembled and finished the delivery time is 30 days.

The base of this recycled wooden chair, is centered at the top and flared outwards to the floor and is specific to this “tasdevn” range. Which gives it both stability and elegance for a slender and flexible silhouette. This model is made to go with the dining room tables from our oak barrel collection but can also adapt well to your existing dining room furniture.

Origin of the wood:The wood (split oak) comes from casks or recycled 225 litre barrels. The staves (vertical parts of the barrel) are used for the the legs of the chair. The lid of the barrel is used for the seat.

Recycling and manufacturing:the multiple stages. A lot of work goes into recycling and transforming the barrel oak into chairs. The vertical parts of the cask initially of unequal width are calibrated and planed according to the shape. Metal circles are placed around the top part of the legs and the metal and wood are pierced and held together.

Holes are made in a wooden disc and the vertical wood staves which have been transformed into the legs of the chair are inserted into the holes and thus form the base. (Second photo)

The lid of the barrel is used to make the seat. First it is taken apart. Each piece is then planed and flattened. The seat is formed by gluing the different elements. To obtain the form of the seat you have to machine the different elements with a template in the form of the seat.

Wood finish:When the wood staves from the barrel are recycled and transformed to become the legs of the chairs, they are brushed. Once the lid is transformed to become seat of the chair, it is planed then finely sanded.

The areas of colour left by the wine on the wood vary in size and intensity from one copy to another, depending on the provenance of the wine and the woodworking. A two component water-soluble bi-component varnish is then applied.

Metal rings:The metal ring is made of stainless steel and is specially made to look like the circle on the barrel. It is used to assemble the legs of the chair at the bottom. A U shaped steel plate which is placed under the seat is sanded and varnished this reinforces the base and the backrest.

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