Emergence Bar table made from recycled wood

Emergence Bar table made from recycled wood



This bar table model is entirely made from recycled barrel oak. In this version the colour left on the wood from the wine is very present on the legs and on the table itself.

The flared leg form (narrow at the bottom wide at the top) gets its stability from a thick steel disk which is incorporated into the bottom plateau.


Height 110 cm, table diameter 65 cm. thickness bottom base 23 mm 28 top base (table).

Lead time and delivery:

This model is stocked in spare parts. When you place an order the assembly and finishing touches have to be done before the shipment. Delivery time is 30 days.

Range « emergence » description: This bar table made from recycled wood is characterised by its flared leg (narrow at the bottom wide at the top). It is part of the Emergence range in the Oak barrel furniture collection. The legs give the Bar table an exceptional stability and at the same time give it a light airy esthetic look.

Origin of the wood: The used staves (split oak wood) that are used comes from large barrels. The vertical blades of the barrel or staves are used for the upper part of the legs. The lids of the barrel are used for the lower base and upper table..

Manufacturing and recycling: the different stages. The first step prior to the transformation from wood staves into the legs of the Bar table is to calibrate them in width. They can then be chamfered and glued together for part of the length to form the upper part of the legs. This assembly is then pierced and a stainless steel tube is inserted into it. The tube is fixed on a metal disk embedded in a wooden plateau which is made from the lid of the barrel. It is first dismounted, then each piece is then flattened and planed. The table is reformed by gluing the various elements after machining the different parts. The manufacture of the upper plateau (the table) is done according to the same process. The base is narrowed by turning it at the bottom and is embedded into the stainless steel tube. The bar table made from recycled wood is finished when the lower part is slotted in under the base of the table.

Wood finish: Brushed then varnished with a bi-component and water-soluble product. The colors vary according to the origin of the wine and the work of the wood.

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Weight20 kg