« Emergence » floor lamp made from recycled wood. globe lampshade 20 cm. for north america

« Emergence » floor lamp made from recycled wood. globe lampshade 20 cm. for north america

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IIn this ambient lighting, the wiring passes through the central tube to preserve the linear silhouette and comes out on the ground with a accessible switch at the foot of the lamp. The diffusing white glass sphere hides the LED bulb and provides the brightness needed to illuminate the room. The steel disc masked by the foot plate ensures great stability. The adjustable nylon rods are screwed into the metal plate They guarantee good stability for the lamp base.

The vertical curved wooden pieces are the sides of the barrel or staves. After dismantling and recycling, they are assembled according to a specific process. The base of the lamp comes from the flat bottom of the barrel and has also gone through several phases for its recycling.


Height of the socket 155 cm. Total height with the globe 170 cm. Diameter of the base 30 cm. diameter of the globe 20 cm. maximum 18W led bulb (equivalent to a 120 watt filament bulb) steel disc 8mm thickness.

compliance with standards:

This luminaire model complies with NF EN 60598-1: 2015 and NF EN 60598-2-4: 1999.

As a result, this luminaire is labeled with the compliance

Lead time and Delivery:

This model is available in small quantities. The delivery time is less than a week. It is delivered disassembled in 2 parts.

Here the link to the video to the editing

Émergence. This is the name of the flared base that characterizes this new range in the oak barrel furniture collection. Its weighted base ensures good stability giving it a light and aesthetic look. This floor lamp made from recycled wood gives off a nice glow and is suitable for reading looking at TV or chatting to friends.

Origin of the wood: Recycled split oak (or stave) wood from casks or barrels of 225 liters. The vertical wood staves of the barrel are used for the upright part of the lamp. The lid of the barrel is used for the base.

Manufacturing: or the different stages of recycling. The vertical staves of wood are calibrated in width and then chamfered and glued together for part of the length. This part is then pierced and a stainless steel tube is inserted. The tube is fixed on a metal disc covered with a wooden board. The lid of the barrel is used to make the board. Before reaching this stage the wood staves are taken apart and each piece of wood is flattened and planed. The board is reformed by gluing the various elements after machining each part.

Wood finish: Brushed then varnished with a bi-component and water-soluble product. The colours vary according to the origin of the wine and the work done on the wood.

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg

Natural oak, Wine coloured oak