Coffee table in recycled wood “Carré Devin” .

Coffee table in recycled wood “Carré Devin” .


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The oval top of this 8mm tempered glass coffee table lightens and feminizes the silhouette of the table. Thus the top fades to highlight the curved wood pattern specific to the Carré Devin range.

This model is often used as a basis for custom manufacturing. You will find other examples in the same category and in the gallery.

Dimensions :

Height 45 cm, length 90 cm, width 70 cm.

Delay and Delivery Time:

This model is stored in spare parts. I still have to finish before shipping. You will have to assembly the spare parts of the table following the attached notice. The deadline is 30 days.

This model of coffee table in recycled wood is characterized by a graphic pattern created by an interlacing of arched crosspieces that support the top. The particular style created by this form is situated at the border of rustic and contemporary.

Origin of wood :: Wood comes from recycling large barrels. It is oak that has been split rather than sawn. Its exceptional quality (without knot) justifies its re-use for furniture.

Manufacture or the different phases of recycling : : It is the vertical blades of the barrel or staves that are used in this model. They are calibrated in width and planed in shape. The joints are made of lugs and mortises between the legs and the ties The ties are assembled between them in the middle of the wood and fastened. The legs are assembled on the circles with square-collared bolts hidden by wooden plugs on the inside.

Wood finish :: The wood is sanded and brushed, then a two-layer water-soluble varnish is applied.

Metal rings: : this is a piece of boiler-making specially made and reminiscent of the barrel circle. In this model this metal ring is in sanded stainless steel.